VERITICO has almost a hundred statistical and mathematical forecasting methods 💪. These range from very naive like moving averages and linear regressions to complex machine learning including deep learning methods. Among these, we have specific forecasting methods for intermittent demand. Yes for sporadic sales which is very hard to forecast anyway. This whole framework gives VERITICO a huge opportunity to automatically create an appropriate level of future forecast in comparison with historical sales. That means VERITICO will probably respect current trends, seasonality, etc. by design. 

But (!) in case you as a company feel or expect additional or even different customer demand, you now have the ability to add these adjustments. It is as simple as change % for the chosen period up or down. Or you can easily add another trend month to month level in %. 

Here are several examples of how simple this really is.

1. Additional adjustment of +15% for the whole period

This is what the future forecast will look like.

2. For any reason you would like to adjust a drop by -20% for a specific period, from October 2022 till February 2023.  

Here is the proper setting.

And this is the result.

3. In case you would like to add an additional boost to your sales because of ...  fill any reason

Just add +10% to a trend section like this.

And this will cause an additional boost in your expectation. 

Important note: Saved adjustments will take effect after the computation process.

To adjust your forecast, click here and make required changes: