VERITICO is able to import multiple types of transactions. The basic is the sales and purchase transactions. In order to support all other stock movements you can add other types of transactions. The list is below.

Transaction types

Each transaction type has its own numeric representation used in CSV files and code/constant representation. supports a logic, where in transaction data field amount > 0 means successful transaction and amount < 0 cancellation of the transaction. 

  • 1 - "CLIENT_TRANSACTION" - sales transaction. amount > 0 : successful sale, amount < 0 cancellation of the sale / return of the stock
  • 2 - "SUPPLIER_TRANSACTION" - Purchase order transaction . amount > 0 : successful purchase order, amount < 0 you are returning stock to you supplier
  • 3 - "REDISTRIBUTION_DISPENSING" - output from the warehouse to send it to another warehouse
  • 4 - "REDISTRIBUTION_RECEIPT"  - income to warehouse from another warehouse. 
  • 5 - "RELEASE_TO_PRODUCTION" - releasing goods to be consumed in production of final products
  • 6 - "INCOME_FROM_PRODUCTION"  - receive of goods after production (final product)
  • 7 - "ADD_TO_FORECAST_WITHOUT_SALES" - use this transaction as it was sold, but do not include it into sum of past sales reports (this transaction will not be calculated into the green part of the forecast graph)
  • 8 - "CHANGE_THE_VALUE_OF_THE_WAREHOUSE_WITHOUT_CHANGING_THE_QUANTITY"- this is used usually when there is need to change price of the goods in warehouse (for historical purposes).
  • 98 - "OTHER_INCOME" - Other income - for example you find out that supplier sent one more item. Also used in not realized sales - see below. 
  •  99 - "OTHER_DISPENSING" - Other dispensing of goods (broken, lost...)

Potential (not realised) sales

If you have information about sales which had high potential to success, yet you have not had the item at hand (stockout), you can send us this information. We will use it in future predictions as it happened, so you will be better prepared next time.

The potential is encoded by 2 transactions (each with its unique id) 

 7- "ADD_TO_FORECAST_WITHOUT_SALES" and 98- "OTHER_INCOME" - both with the same amount and amount > 0.

If some part of the items you were able to satisfy, you will therefore import 3 transactions to VERITICO. Be aware that the IDs of transactions should be distinct, yet you can do it for example by suffix.


Let's say, that Customer came for 100 items of your good. Yet you have only 40 on stock. So you sell the customer 40 and need to put the rest 60 as a potential, because you know customer originally came for 100 pieces.


Please bear in mind, if the customer makes it as reservation and buy it when it is restocked do not put it here, only those really lost sales as potential.